Reid Schwartz sets UCI Age Record

Reid Schwartz recently received recognition from UCI for setting the world record in the 500m for the 70-74 age group. Reid set this record last fall at the famous Aguascalientes track in Mexico. We are proud of Reid, and look forward to many more achievements by our longest tenured member!

Practice Report: October 18th, 2017

For Tuesday of Week 4, we did a relaxing practice ride around Wolf Lake in Indiana. It was a beautiful ride and we got to experience a lovely sunset along the way. Although the sun sets earlier and earlier each day, we were happy that the weather allowed us to ride outside for another week. Once we are stuck inside Henry Crown on the trainers, we will remember rides like this because a good scenic group ride is what makes cycling such a wonderful sport. 

Upgraded our Kinetic Trainers

Today, the Vélo Club began the process of overhauling our Kinetic Trainers by replacing the springs, and few handles / bolts to ensure another year of adequate service. Our plan is to hold multiple weekly indoor training sessions during the Winter Quarter, utilizing Zwift and various other workouts, courtesy of Enhance Sports.